Who We Help

At TrueCopier.com we are a 3rd party consulting firm that DOES NOT SELL EQUIPMENT.  We discover your true copier cost by exposing the hidden fees and navigate you through the inconvenient demands on your copier/printer lease & service agreements.

What We Do

Our team is built of veteran experts, from both the copier and equipment finance industry. We understand both sides of the industry and expose the most sensitive information. Our goal is to provide transparency on all areas of your agreements to help your business cut costs and save thousands.

We are committed to truth and clarity in every aspect of how we treat you as our customer. It is a radical new way to save on all name brand office equipment.

Why Choose Us

Acquiring and maintaining office equipment is confusing, time consuming and expensive. We believe that acquiring office equipment should be exciting and crystal clear. We decided to reinvent the wheel by having our industry experts team up with all entities and organizations and reveal the most sensitive information the industry does not want you to know. The only way we make money is by saving you money!

Think of us as your CPA filing your taxes. We do all the work for you and we are incentivized to save you the most amount of money as possible.