office equipment lease

Paying too much for a black and white or color printing for your small business? TRUECopier can help get you out of a rigid office equipment lease, saving you on average $10,000 – $30,000… PER COPY MACHINE!

Office, printer, and copy equipment suppliers will promise you the world and charge you an arm and a leg for services, features, and extras that you don’t need. This drives up the price, hikes up your monthly payment to honor your office equipment lease, and eats up any revenue you hope your business brings. You get locked into an unreasonable contract and end up paying thousands over what the copying equipment is worth.

Unreasonable, sheisty vendors and printer service suppliers are losing sleep at night due to the money we save small and large businesses alike.

If your company, university, or church is stuck in an unreasonable office equipment lease, then TRUECopier can help. We know that you need business solutions fast, which is why we offer a 24 hour response time. In just one day after you upload your contract and 2 invoices from your small business printer service, TRUECopier will contact you with your estimated True Savings Amount.

Your copier lease agreement can have you spending unknown amounts of money on hidden fees. We’ll help you expose these fees and give money saving suggestions, helping you implement new techniques into your business. We’ll lock you in at a lower rate through the proper channels. We have relationships with all appropriate parties, and we’ll help you get out of your unreasonable commercial printer contract today.

Contact TRUECopier to implement your customized TRUECopier Report blueprint, which will save your business thousands of dollars. We look forward getting you out of your unreasonable copier service agreement, so you can enjoy more of the fruits of your labors.